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Vendor Relations

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Exhibit and Sponsorship Marketing and Management


Exhibitors are an important part of an association’s extended family as they contribute to the knowledge base of meeting attendees while usually providing a significant portion of annual revenue.  They can also assist in organizational and activity planning as they share their experiences working with other groups.  They come with all levels of experience and it is important to provide the level of coordination required on an individual basis.

Bacon-Hedland will provide the following services�/FONT>

  • Develop printed materials to support the exhibitor/sponsor prospectus, including space sales contract, floor plans, and exhibitor rules and regulations. 
  • Maintain exhibitor prospect list and keep it updated.  Identify and qualify new prospects for addition to the list.
  • Mail prospectus to companies and associations on the client exhibitor prospect list.
  • Sell and assign exhibit space, including telemarketing to the prospect list.
  • Solicit sponsors and advertisers from the exhibitor base.
  • Provide periodic exhibitor space sales reports.
  • Maintain exhibitor communications program, including updates, bulletins and personal contact.
  • Create and serve as liaison to an Exhibitor Advisory Committee to provide counsel to the regarding exhibitor activities.
  • Select official contractors to provide necessary equipment, supplies and services for the exposition.  This includes, but is not limited to, general decorating, freight, drayage, security, floral, photography, booth workers, computers, audiovisual equipment, transportation and lead retrieval programs.
  • Assemble and distribute Exhibitor Service Kits for ordering equipment, supplies and services, and for governing on-site operations.
  • Collect and provide exhibitor information for inclusion in the Exhibitor Directory and Official Program.
  • Coordinate the logistical arrangements for and respond to inquiries from Poster Presenters, if appropriate.
  • Plan and provide on-site supervision for installation, operation, and dismantling.
  • Coordinate an on-site early space sales program for the following year’s exhibition.


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