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Convention and Conference Management


 For many associations the Annual Convention or Conference is the only means of gaining face to face contact with members who support it. It is also the most effective way to gain member feedback to direct and guide the organization.  For most associations, it is the primary source of income to support the work of the organization throughout the year.  The best compliment that a convention planner can hear is to hear nothing at all.  That means the event ran smoothly and the planner did their job well.

Bacon-Hedland will provide the following services�/FONT>

  • Coordinate housing program and assist with city and venue selection and negotiation.
  • Coordinate airport and hotel shuttle services, if appropriate.
  • Select and coordinate ticketing of tour and activities program.
  • Coordinate the collection and management of abstracts for review by the program committee.
  • Provide speaker support for education programs including assembling speaker packets and coordinating audio visual requirements, handouts, recording authorizations, and the speaker ready room.
  • Order and supervise meeting room set-up, audiovisual requirements and support services for the educational programs.
  • Arrange for catering and related services.
  • Design and coordinate overall layout, decoration and directional signage for meetings.
  • Select and assist with the coordination of related services such as audio and video cassette sales, photography and a parliamentarian.
  • Collect and coordinate the analysis of the program evaluation forms in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Plan and provide on-site operation and supervision of client activities.


Bacon-Hedland Management, Inc.
1240 Iroquois Avenue, Ste. 106
Naperville, IL  60563
Ph: 630-428-3400
Fax: 630-428-7700

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