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Association Management


Associations are volunteer organizations and it is important for good volunteers be recruited to determine the current and future direction of the organization and to hold them accountable for the tasks assigned.  The staff can provide guidance and logistical support, but it is the volunteers, who have a vested interest in promoting their career field and enhancing their professionalism, that are the true leaders of the association.

Bacon-Hedland will provide the following service...

  • Provide a permanent headquarters office space including such equipment and services, as appropriate, for managing the requirements of the client.
  • Print stationery, envelopes and other material required to conduct the business of the client.
  • Designate an individual to serve as the managing director for the client and provide additional staff support as required to carry out selected programs.
  • Provide staff support to the client’s Board of Directors and standing and special committees, as needed.
  • Provide and publish a special telephone number for the client and answer it accordingly.  Current BH fax and Internet access lines can be used for client business.
  • Coordinate the legal and financial obligations of the client including filing annual reports required by State and Federal Agencies.


Bacon-Hedland Management, Inc.
1240 Iroquois Avenue, Ste. 106
Naperville, IL  60563
Ph: 630-428-3400
Fax: 630-428-7700

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